Day 20
February 10th 2018
Today, we had a lot of things to do. We`ve prepared ourselves for a tour to Bang Saen Beach, Chon Buri. I was so excited that all of us joined that trip together, and had our relaxation. It`s about 2 hours or more, we`ve arrived in the station (First bus stop) and had some meals. But then, we went to Bang Saen beach and arrived there at 9.20 am. Miss Nina said that we had 5 hours before we went back to VRU. Then, we had our free time. Chris, Sinta, Pao, and I preferred to played Banana boat with Ploy, pong and others. After played banana boat, we tried to find some food. They served many foods there, and overall, they mostly provide sea food, and the price was around 100 to 300 baht. After had our food, we played and swim again until 2 o`clock. On 2 o`clock sharp, we`ve already finished and changed our clothes. Then the bus took us to a traditional handy craft market. We bought something there. Then, it was the time to went back to VRU. We had about 3 hours bef…
Day 24
February 14th 2018
Today we had an English camp. All science intern teacher (Azha, Novi, Rodney, and me) will work in a collaboration with general science English program to conducted an English camp in 2 different school, the first one was in Chiang Rak Noi school, and the other one was in Watchoompol School in Ayutthaya. We`ve prepared everything, even the conversation to teached the whole school. We spent about 30 minutes to arrived there. We arrived and had some briefing first from Aj. View and Aj. Tum. She told us that we will teached adult local people to had their conversation. Then, the time running so fast and we had our lunch. After that, we played some games with students and had a closing ceremonial. Then we went back to VRU.

Day 22
February 12th 2018
Today was my second teaching practice. I was so excited that today I will teach again, but with using the same topic to teached. I will teached 3rd year students in Science Center Building room 418. After novi teached, then I teached. I already prepared myself for this teaching practice, the presentation, lesson plan, and any of equipment. I started the class with a greet. Then, I gave some brainstorming about the material. I asked them why does the leaf looks so green, and how do plants made their food. They`ve just answered me with a great answer, that the plant leaf contain chlorophyll. Then I presented some slideshow relates with the material. I asked them to explain the definition of photosynthesis, I also explained a little bit about that. I explained the chloroplast and it`s parts, then the 2 main stages/phase in photosynthesis. Then, I played some video about light dependent reaction and Calvin cycle. I already told to them that after played this video,…
Day 19
February 9th 2018
Today I will had no observation schedule. We had an English camp today, as well. I was so free, until Lara called me to helped her to prepared all things for her teaching practice. I was so glad that I could helped others to finished their teaching. She also teached in 1/3 class. She will teached about linear equation. She had just prepared all, and she were so ready. At the end of her teaching, her mentor said that she doesn`t yet evaluating her, it was just an observation upon her teaching.
Day 18
February 8th 2018
Today was my first day of teaching practice. I will teched class 1/3 with the topic of photosynthesis. It will have started at 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm. I`ve just prepared myself for that, starts from the presentation files, student worksheet, and every supporting and beneficial equipment for my teaching. The teaching running well, I’ve used some improvements like a new learning models, and also combined class demonstration and class discussion as one. I was so lucky that my supervisors and also mentors, Miss. Vipavadee Khwaengmek (miss Vi) and Miss. Kanokwan Pamsuksan (miss View) gave me many of suggestions to improve myself in teaching. I got many of things I’ve just learned that somehow preparation was not so enough, you need to believe in yourself, be patient and passionate. I was so glad that miss Vi told me that I will teached again on 12th of February.
Day 17
February 7th 2018
Today, I’ve just prepared myself for my teaching practice tomorrow. I was a little bit nervous, and somehow felt so scared if then I couldn`t did my best. I`ve just prepared from the morning (08.00 am) to evening (9 pm). All the time that I spent was for the lesson plan, student worksheet, student reflection sheet, equipment, and any other assessment tools. I`ve just took my sleep earlier than usual because somehow, I thought that it should be like that, so I would woke up in the morning with a fresh condition.
Day 16
February 6th 2018
Today we had a great event. We will had an exhibition. It`s being held in VRU demonstration school, 3rd floor. We`ve already prepared ourselves for today. I will sing a local song from my hometown, Ambon. The song entitled “Ayo Mama”, a song that exactly tell to us about how important to ourselves from a bad things in teenage. While the other sea Teacher also performed their local song also, sheen and Rodney performed a Filipinos song, Irau performed “Baras Kuning”, anggun cames with “Burung Enggang” dance, and etc. we`ve done with all of that, and we do our best yet.